How it all began

I’m Stephanie Adamu and I started StefiK PR to explore society, to discuss the dichotomy that the modern world brings, to look at the curious juxtapositions between the real and online world. I work in and support the Afrobeats industry. As much as this is a critical industry, I love it, I’m immersed in it. I am my own contradiction.

From A to Z

In this industry you have to be on your A game almost 24/7 with it being long hours and stressful work. I cannot explain the relationship I have with my clients, let alone their teams, the producers of shows, the editors of multiple outlets, and the reporters I work with consistently. It is so overwhelming to see your client’s do amazing and for them be happy with the campaign you completed. It is fun to work on different types of projects that a client has as they want to break out of their usual roles, or have a passion for something new.

I think Afrobeat Lovers need to support the industry a little more, this site is to explore the Afrobeats Industry lifestyle, our media, our culture and celebrities. I want this site to inspire and educate, so please comment and let me know what you think. Because thinking is what we should be doing a little more of.

« The basic objective of PR is to create and build relationships in order to grow awareness and loyalty over a long period of time. »

My Strategy

The Afrobeats scene within the UK is vastly growing, I love working with new and developing music artists offering them the chance to promote themselves with a strong feeling of teamwork, not just relying on one person but giving you a solid report structure and the ability to talk to me whenever you wish as well as deciding what budget you wish to invest, and then fit the timeline round you.

I operate a very simple method of development that encompasses creating foundations for acts to build on throughout a series of release patterns, so the first thing to do is make sure that there is activity, now this sounds obvious but the important thing to you as a new or developing artist is the ability to get your music seen and heard, hence with my network of music blogs, entertainment sites, radio stations, tv stations release postings etc I rapidly develop deliverable pr activity for clients that then sets up the focus on hitting the bigger and more influential media houses.