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DSCVR – Alter Ego: OG Mage’s Foretelling



A Mage is defined as a magician or a learned fellow. Such a name bestowed on talent as wonderful as O G Mage is only well-fitting. On Alter Ego, the debut EP, OG Mage positions himself as an artist with a global sound, a commanding cadence with sweet stirring vocals that signal how much he is about the business.

“Alter Ego” comprises six tracks, each with its colourful tune and notable features from talented artists. This project is a unique blend of Hip-hop/Rap and Afro-Fusion, delivered alongside witty lyricism. It contains something for every listener but retains enough of the artist identity people can connect with.

Samuel ‘OG Mage’ Ogaba is a Benue State native and has been making music since 2014.  He quotes influences from Nas and J Cole, and this is evident in the lyrical dexterity that he soulfully expresses in his music.

On his latest release, “Alter Ego”, from the title track – B.D.D—his voice is immediately gusty and captivating. On this track, you immediately start to enjoy that commanding cadence that makes the listener pay rapt attention to the lyrics. This project is the perfect blend between hopeful, grateful and a seeming authentic dedication to his dreams. This blend draws the listener in.

O G Mage takes his listener through different journeys with his sound with the confidence of a veteran. His craftsmanship is admirable. On the closing track – “A Piece of Lovely Cake”; which I think was the perfect track to close the project. He delivers lines over a  mid-tempo beat with celestial sounding vocals from the feature that makes you feel.

A common theme across this project is his versatility and his ability to create seamlessly sounding vocals with other talents that are different from his general sound.

The track “On my Way” clearly lets us know that O G Mage is here and here to stay; to chase his dreams and take us on this journey with him. This talent is a pocket full of bursts of energy and relatability that will have you listening to the whole project. You won’t even hesitate to repeat.

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DSCVR – WES7AR 22, The Underdog’s Journey



Born in Lagos – a home and breeding ground to some of Africa’s greatest creatives. WES7AR 22 was exposed to a rich range of art from his infancy and his passion for music followed him throughout. Following the music based path that unfolded before him, WES7AR 22 moved to Accra to kick start his career within a city and culture which nurtures dreams. 

His raw and resonant voice accompanied by his inclination for melodious hooks and musicality made him an instant hit in Accra’s underground scene.
WES7AR 22 ‘s mounting buzz caught the attention of London’s production and recording house 4PLAY: a camp he now calls home.

The latest release from WES7AR 22 creates an atmosphere that is sure to keep the nightlife hopping. His second release of the year, ‘Alcoholic,’ is positioned to be a weekend anthem. He enlists the help of three producers, 4PLAY, Console Chronikz, and Tokyo, to create this smooth-sounding single that, of course, celebrates his love for booze.

WES7AR 22 uses a lot of sweet vocals to express a seductive ambience. But there’s a catch: the vocalist of “Holy Water” accompanies his new track with a mindful video in which he promotes the music while also offering advice: “Alcoholic, but drink responsibly.” In conversation with the budding superstar, we asked why he chose “alcoholic” as a follow up single and WES7AR explained that the song was created because “Problem no dey finish, so drink on (responsibly)”.

Armed with a distinctive voice, captivating sound and stellar personality, we also spoke about what we can expect from him in the coming months and he said “ you can expect a lot more from me as an artist. I’m working on releasing more singles by myself, while also mastering the production aspect of music. To be honest, a lot more greatness is on the way.”

It’s clear that WES7AR is poised to be one of the next household names coming out from West Africa soon.

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DSCVR – Mirror Mirror: SIX’s Open Letter



From the moment the beat drops on her most recent single – “Lagos is Burning (Mirror, Mirror)”, this song has you bobbing your head to the beat and almost immediately, you’re moving to the beat and trying not to dance. This hip hop and electro fused jam is high energy and the belying lyrics have you feeling yourself. In my opinion, this song couldn’t have dropped at a better time. As Lagos is opening up and events are starting to go back to normal, the timing and type of this song can not be more perfect.  “Lagos is Burning (Mirror, Mirror)” is an Electro-Pop/House track inspired by the New York City ballroom and house movement pioneered by LGBTQ+ minorities. The song’s title is a homage to Willi Ninja, the House Mother in the documentary “Paris is Burning’,’ who professes his desire to see ballroom culture spread globally in the film.

SIX (she/her) is a Nigerian Rapper/Songwriter who was born and raised In the UK, but also shares her roots with Atlanta, GA and New York City USA. She provides a distinct approach on global hip hop/rap by incorporating her diverse cultural influences into her music, owing to her international background. She has been able to reach a wide audience with these opposing sounds by enticing people in with what appears to be familiar and then catching them with the discovery of sub-genres they may not have heard before. Her songs and image appeal to and influence the people, therefore she considers herself a (h)it girl.

Six is a genuine portrayal of beauty, intelligence, and lifestyle without being too overtly sexual.

With the attention gained from her previously released EP, “OUTSIDE,” and the upscaling of her YouTube channel to include various lifestyle videos, she is poised to make a name for herself. “Lagos is Burning (Mirror Mirror)” is the first song from her next project, “COSMOPOLITAN” and the challenge to the specific single is already a winner. Following the release of her upbeat new song, what to expect from this talent is everything she says she is and she backs up her talk with actions. A solid performer with solid bars and infectious energy that keeps everyone checking for her. This is a boss who’s only here to take what she wants and gain the recognition and acclaim she deserves.


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